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Equestrian Footwear

Equestrian Footwear is specifically designed for horse-related activities. Horseback riding boots are constructed with rugged leather or durable synthetic materials to withstand the trials of long days in the saddle and messy barn chores. Equestrian footwear and horseback riding boots are designed for safety, comfort, and performance in the saddle and working around horses. Equestrian footwear traditionally offers a sturdy toe for security on the ground and a typically low to medium heel to keep your foot in the stirrup without sliding through. Modern horseback riding boots will have a smooth or lightly-textured sole for a safe dismount. Equestrian footwear comes in a variety of hard-working models from low paddocks to a taller boot made for comfortable riding. Horseback riding boots are made in attractive colors and design features that are sure to please any equestrian.